About Us

We look at everything around us through the eyes of an artist – even the evil becomes beautiful.

When we talk about unity, we mean creating a space where different ideas can be freely expressed and inclusivity is apparent. The concept of Beautiful Evil flourished because we believe in the freedom of exploring various layers of ourselves, whether lovely or ugly, acceptable or taboo or even radiant or dark. These dichotomies are part of our lives and we should embrace them through our ideas, culture, art, clothing and ultimately, our daily lives.

Our Beautiful Evil clothing line is perfect for men and women who are not comfortable with masks and want to show their true selves. Our founder, Rosalind, is passionate about designing unique and visually stunning clothing. Her original creations are inspired by artistic tattoos and the ancient theme of sacred geometry. Fascinating spirals, circles and various geometric shapes as well as flora and fauna figures are incorporated in her t-shirt and jewelry designs.

Beautiful Evil collaborates with other independent designers who create a wide array of tangible artworks and interesting accessories. Most of these pieces can be worn to showcase a love for all things creative. We have started a community of artists where all ideas are shared, all voices are heard and all visions are given the opportunity to become a reality. Join our fascinating world of the beautiful and the evil as they collide through our website.